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An AI-aided Design System

The project DE-BOT is a research project for a question that how AI being integrated into a design process. The research began with the existing machine learning technologies then focused on a Human-Machine-Interaction model. The purpose is to build up a general principle system for designing an AI product.

Hello! I'm Yudan.

Welcome to my personal site, please enjoy the innovative and creative works


My name is Yudan Chen,

I'm currently attending the 10th semester of a product design course at the design school of Offenbach(Hfg-Offenbach) in Germany. This website gathers a selection of the best works that I have developed both at school and at work, organized so as to show my skills and also the different subjects that I have approached on design. All works include a short description to unvell what is behind every single detail and also to show my conceptual and systematic thinking

Here is with my professional experience, welcome to have a contact and have cooperations


Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Germany

Product Design, Diplom (Master)

Design School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

Product Design, Bachelor


Elite Robots Co,Ltd, Shanghai

Product Designer / UIUX Designer

Eckstein Design, Munich

Product Design, Internship

Dianshi Design Co,Ltd, Beijing

Media Designer

TP-Link Technologies Co,Ltd, Shenzhen

Product Designer

A4 Studio, Beijing

Product Designer, Part time job, Beijing

Media Manager, Internship

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Hi, I'm Yudan, I'm a designer, If you have any great ideas, please let me know.


Austrasse 19

Offenbach am Main 63065

Hessen Germany

Tel: +491744858416

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